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EMV-1600E BT-50 Machining Machine Center


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*Ruggedly constructed 4 boxway base and box type structure on other major parts for outstanding rigidity and stability.
*High precision ball screw on 3 axis are pre-loaded and directly coupled to eliminate thermal displacement, which ensuring high repeatability accuracy.
*High precsion ball screw are modular assembled. Screws parallelism and squareness accuracy are calibrated to within 0.01mm in full length.
*Precision scraping assures long term accuracy and maximum wear resistance.
*The axis motor are directly coupled to the ball-screw, it ensures the least backlash and long lasting accuracy.
*The standardly equipped heat exchanger features excellent heat dissipation, that reduces trouble possibility and extends life of electronic.
*Spindle w/oil cooling system.

Flexible coupling from Germany ensures the smooth and accurate movements of the machine.


















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